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Most top 10 Real Estate companies in Cairo are not viewed well by the Egyptians. In fact, it is even the case all over the globe. Many people assume that only the rich agents are after the money. While this might be the case for some agents, there are excellent real estate firms in Cairo that put integrity and honesty above profit. Let’s look at a few of these firms to understand why they have made a name for themselves in the market.

When it comes to selling and buying real estate, Cairo has some excellent firms offering top class services. One such firm is Nasser Real Estate. The firm was established in 1980 by an Egyptian who had gone into the field. This man took a lot of interest in the property business, because he had seen some huge success with his own properties. He came up with the idea of setting up a company with the sole objective of selling and buying properties in Cairo. After that, he focused on building up the expertise of his staff so that they could offer high quality services. Nasser now has branches in all areas of Cairo, including the suburbs.

Another good firm in Cairo is ARA Salaman. It started out in 1983 when a group of real estate agents from Cairo met together and established a real estate company. They worked hard at getting their name in the field and today they have a number of branches all over the country. They have been able to establish their name in the market because of their commitment towards their clients.

Another good real estate broker in Cairo is Amna Trading Company. This company was started by a group of Egyptian businessmen. They have had a lot of success in the business and the products they sell are top class. The main products they sell are apartments and villas in Cairo. They also offer a wide range of properties all over the rest of Egypt. The reason for their success is that they have a network of contacts all over Cairo and have built up a solid relationship with several construction companies. They use their contacts to their advantage by securing deals for them and making sure that the construction company pays good money for the properties they buy.

One of the best companies in Cairo for dealing with real estate is FAP Egypt. They are well known in the market and have offices all over the country. This firm offers a wide range of real estates in Cairo and other parts of the country. One of the real estate products offered by FAP Egypt is residential apartments and villas. Other products they offer are office buildings and commercial buildings. They are a leading real estate broker in Cairo.

These are some of the top real estate firms in Cairo. If you are looking to buy real estate in Cairo, it is important to get advice from such a firm before you go and deal with them directly.

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