Watch Movies & Television Show From Various Sources With Streaming Apps

The Google Play Store now allows you to watch movies or television shows from different streaming services directly within the Google Play movies and television app. You can surf content from streaming available sources you subscribe to, or simply watch movies as they come on. If you do not already have an account, all you need to do is sign into the store or sign up for the streaming service of your choice. After that you will be able to view streaming movies from many different online websites and services.

Watch Movies

In addition to viewing streaming movies directly within the movie or TV show section, some of these services also offer a section of their library dedicated to sports. This feature allows you to see everything from major sporting events like the Super Bowl, the World Series, or even minor regional events. This feature is similar to watching the games directly from the official website, but instead of just watching them through the player, you are able to view live. It will take you a while to navigate around these sites, especially if you are not familiar with a number of the streaming options they offer. These sites are also constantly updating their listings to ensure that they are always current. You may find yourself visiting sites like Amazon Instant Video or Netflix to catch up on what you missed if you did not sign in during the time the movie or show was on.

If you want to access all these services through one program, there is a service called Internet TV. As the name suggests, this option connects you to several different streaming networks from around the world. It will allow you to enjoy many different movie and television shows from each of the streaming network sources simultaneously. There are currently no subscription fees, and most Internet TV shows are even free.